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Newsletter 3, Number 15 (MS Word)
Newsletter 3, Number 15 (PDF)

Volume 3, Number 15, Spring 2014

This past year was a productive one for the UL English Department. Below are listed some of the activities that occurred throughout the semester, including symposia held, awards won, and essays and books published.

Graduate Student Symposium

Graduate students Jennifer Morrison, Phillip Suire, and Marie Hendry presented at the UL English Graduate Student Symposium on Wednesday, April 9 in Griffin Hall. The title of Ms. Morrison's presentation was “Black Women Reading The Help: A Study in Identification, Representation and Resistance.” Phillip Suire presented “Violence at Play.” “The Marriage Question at the End of the Century: Analysis of the Use of Loneliness in Ella Hepworth Dixon’s The Story of a Modern Woman” was offered by Marie Hendry.

Get more information about the Graduate Student Symposium at https://www.facebook.com/ULEnglishSymposium

Guest Reading
Former student Wiley Cash read from his latest novel, This Dark Road to Mercy, on Sunday, February 23 at Barnes & Noble in Lafayette.

The following Publications were announced this fall.

Faculty Books

Christine DeVine, ed. and introduction. Nineteenth-Century British Travelers in the New World. Aldershot, UL: Ashgate Press.

Skip Fox. Stormy Mondays. Ahadada Press.
---. Wired to the Zone. Lavender Ink.

Lisa Graley. Box of Blue Horses [poetry]. Arlington, VA: Gival Press.

Jerry McGuire. Venus Transit [poetry]. Buffalo, NY: Outriders Poetry Project.

John McNally, ed. New Stories from the Midwest. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
---. Vivid and Continuous: Essays and Exercises for Writing Fiction. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.

Jennifer C. Vaught and Judith Anderson, eds. Shakespeare and Donne: Generic Hybrids in the Cultural Imaginary. New York: Fordham
University Press.

Articles in Academic Journals and Collections

Christine DeVine. “Thomas Hardy and Social Class.” Thomas Hardy in Context. Ed. Phillip Mallett. London: Cambridge University Press.

Keith Dorwick. “Moving Beyond ‘All That Rot’: Redeeming Education in The Chronicles of Narnia.” C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia.
Ed. Michelle Ann Abate and Lance Weldy. New York: Palgrave. 53-71.

Michelle I. Feist. “Codability and Cost in the Naming of Motion Events.” Ristiva Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio 7.3: 45-61.
---. “Experimental Lexical Semantics at the Crossroads Between Languages.” Cognitive Linguistics and Translation: Advances in Some
Theoretical Models and Applications
. Ed. A. Rojo and I. Ibarretxe-Antuñano. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Jonathan Goodwin. “Animated Fictions: Characters in The Brazen Head.” Powys Journal 23 (2013: 115-35.
---. “Ethics and History in Olaf Stapledon’s Last Men in London.” Extrapolation 54.3 (2013): 265-85.

Shelley Ingram. “’To Ask Again’: Folklore, Mumbo Jumbo, and the Question of Ethnographic Metafictions.” African American Review 45.1-2

John Laudun and Jonathan Goodwin. “Computing Folklore Studies: Mapping Over a Century of Scholarly Production Through Topics.”
Journal of American Folklore 126.502 (Fall 2013): 444-75.

Clancy Ratliff. “High School and College in Tandem: ‘College Readiness’ and Dual Enrollment Writing Courses in Louisiana.” Louisiana
English Journal
---. “Local History, Local Complexities: The First-Year Writing Curriculum at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.” Composition Forum 27
(Spring 2013). Online.

Films and Videos

Conni Castille, writer, dir., prod. T-Gallop: A Louisiana Horse Story (2012 feature documentary film). Premier television broadcast on LPB.
Screenings at the Ponchartrain Film Festival and Louisiana Book Festival. Other films by Conni Castille continued to be aired on the Documentary Channel.

Plays (Performed)

Charles Richard, writer/director. “Jacob Renamed.” Original play blending motion picture media and animation with live original music and dance. Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, March 8.

Dayana Stetco, writer/director/producer. Noir: A Love Story. Milena Group in partnership with Freetown Studios. Lafayette, Nov. 22.

Creative Non-Fiction

Keith Dorwick. “Getting Called Fag.” Identity: A Reader for Writers. Ed. John Scenters-Zapico. New York: Oxford University Press.

John McNally. “In the Field behind the Condo Where the Fat Boy Plays.” The Common 5 June 2013. Online.

Dayana Stetco. “The Beginning” [editorial]. Audition Issue 1.
---. Director’s production blog on Noir: A Love Story. http://www.milenagroup.blogspot.com.

Mary Ann Wilson. “Searching for Womanhood: Kate Chopin and Rebecca Wells.” Deep South Magazine Feb. Online.

Short Stories

John McNally. “The Memoirist.” 24 Bar Blues: Two Dozen Tales of Bars, Booze, and the Blues. Ed. Andrew Scott. Winston-Salem, NC: Press 53. Reprint.


Skip Fox. Four poems. “infandum, rēgīna, iubēs renovāre dolōrem.” “a major extinction event of our own.” “not that he saw so well.” “Whammy.” Sugar Mule 45. Online
---. “What to prepare for?” Truck 23 Oct. 2013. Online.
---. Four poems. “Why the need for all these protections? . . .” “Skunk Blue.” “Birthday Card for the New Millennium.” “What is it, the future, to save for?” On Barcelona 21 Sept. 2013. Online.

Jerry McGuire. “Espresso.” Truck 30 Oct. Online.
---. “Li Po in Buffalo.” Poetry in Buffalo 1968-2012. Ed. Max Wickert. Buffalo: Outriders Poetry Project.
---. “No Answer” and “Photographer, Gulf Coast.” Featured poet. Talking Writing Feb. Online.
---. “Venus Transit.” The Buffalo News 14 April 2013.
Denise Rogers. “Reading Owl Moon to My Niece at Night.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry 6.1 (Summer 2013). Online.
–-. "Demeter's Harvest" Louisiana Literature, 31.1, on p. 114-16.

Sonic Rhetoric

Keith Dorwick. “Two Sound Pieces: ‘At the Edge of Sleep’ and ‘For Voices, No Longer Human.’” Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion No. 9. Special issue on “Sonic Rhetorics.” http://harlotofthearts.org/index.php/harlot/article/view/154/130.

Visual Arts and Photography

Keith Dorwick. “Winter.” Acrylic on paper. Juried exhibitions at ArtMelt 2013, Baton Rouge, June-August, and at Dean’s Gallery, UL Lafayette, March.

Rhonda Robison. Photography projects for State Democratic Awards Banquet, Cité des Arts Steampunk Festival, UL Department of English Victorian Holiday Fundraiser, and American Philosophical Association Central Division Conference.


Mary Ann Wilson. Enfolded in Silence: A Study in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood. By Barbara Hughes. Sewanee, TN: Border Press. xi-xiv.

Journals and Periodicals Edited

Keith Dorwick and Kevin Moberly. Technoculture: An Online Journal of Technology in Society. Vol. 2. Web.

Clancy Ratliff. The CCCC-IP Annual: Top Intellectural Property Developments of 2011. March. Web.

Online Database Edited

John Greene. 10,000-page online index to Theater in Dublin: A Calendar of Performances. Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh UP.
---. The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737-1800.

Reviews and Review Essays

Mark Honegger. Rev. of Constructions at Work: The Nature of Generalization in Language, by Adele Goldberg. Southern Journal of Linguistics 37.1 (Spring 2013): 98-108.

Jennifer C. Vaught. Rev. of Faith in Shakespeare, by Richard C. McCoy. Comparative Drama 47.3: 403-06.
---. Rev. of Outlaw Rhetoric: Figuring Vernacular Eloquence in Shakespeare’s England, by Jenny Mann. The Sidney Journal 31.2: 135-38.

Audio Conference Presentation

Keith Dorwick. “Three Sound Pieces.” Audio presentation. Computers and Writing Conference, Frostburg, MD, June.

Conference Presentations

Joseph Andriano. “Nature Red in Tooth, Claw, and Tentacle: Mark Milloff, George Klauba, and Moby-Dick.” College English Association Conference, Savannah, April.

Elizabeth Bobo. Paper presentation. John Donne Society Conference, Baton Rouge, Feb.

Joanna Davis-McElligatt. “Duboisian Double-Consciousness, Fanonian Triple-Consciousness, and Glissantian Creolité: Constructions of Racial-cum-National Identities in William Faulkner’s Light in August and Absalom, Absalom! Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha Conference, Oxford, MS, July.

Keith Dorwick. “By Mummy Possest—Representations of Male and Female Academics in the Work of the Inklings.” C. S. Lewis and the Inklings Conference, Letorneau University, Longview, TX, March.
---. “Meeting the Beast: Male and Female Academics in the Imaginative Writing of the Inklings for Adult Readers.” Christianity and the Academy Conference, Union University, Memphis, March.

S. E. Duffy and Michelle I. Feist. “Seen and Unseen: Differences in the Saliency of Topological and Projective Spatial Relations.” ICLC-12: International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, June.

Michelle I. Feist. Commentary upon “Against Referential Intentions,” by Karen Lewis. American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Chicago, Feb.

Michelle I. Feist and B. O. Breaux. “Moving Beyond Next Wednesday: Interpreting Ambiguous Statements About Time.” ICLC-12: International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, June.

Jennifer Geer. “Coming of Age in Novel and Film Versions of The Black Stallion.” Children’s Literature Association Conference, Biloxi, June.

Mark Honegger. “The Demands of Diverse Methodologies on ESL Teachers.” SECOL 80: Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, Spartanburg, SC, April.

Shelley Ingram. “Real Gardens, Imaginary People and Places: The Cultural/Literary Exchange.” American Folklore Society Conference, Providence, RI, Oct.

John Laudun. “Computing Folklore Studies: An Exploration of the Intellectual Landscape and History of Folklore Studies over the Past Century.” American Folklore Society Conference, Providence, RI, Oct.
---. “Locating Louisiana Legends: Tallying Treasure Tales.” International Society for Contemporary Legend Research Conference, Lexington, KY, May/June.
---. “Understanding Larger Histories Through Smaller Legends.” International Forum for Kunlun Culture, Golmud, Qinghai, China, Aug.

James C. McDonald. “The ‘Position Statement on Professional Concerns’ in the Context of Other Academic Labor Standards.” South Central Writing Centers Association Conference, Corpus Christi, Feb. 2013.

Jerry McGuire. “There Is Nothing Like Like.” UL Lafayette SMART Festival: Science Meets Art, Oct. 26.

John McNally. Panel chair: “The Art of Writing Craft Books and Textbooks.” Associated Writing Program Annual Conference, Boston, March 7.
---. Panel: “A Celebration of Ray Bradbury.” Associated Writing Program Annual Conference, Boston, March 9.
---. “The Shapes of Plot” [workshop]. North Carolina Writers’ Network Conference, Greensboro, April 13.
---. Craft talk on humor, workshop, and reading. Imagination Writer’s Conference, Cleveland, June 18-22.

Clancy Ratliff. “Conflating Academic and Civic Argument: Composition Textbooks and the Common Core Standards.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, March.

Claiborne Rice. “Poetry in Motion.” UL Lafayette SMART Festival: Science Meets Art, Oct. 26.

Denise Rogers. “Our New Bridge: The Writing Center and the University of Louisiana’s Bridge Program.” South Central Writing Centers Association Conference, Corpus Christi, Feb.
---. "Baby Steps: Our First Steps in Establishing an Online Writing Lab" at the South Central Writing Centers Association Conference on March 3rd in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Dayana Stetco. “The Staging into the Abyss.” South Central Modern Language Association Conference, New Orleans, Oct.

Jennifer C. Vaught. Respondent to session “Hints and Gaps: Reading for Evidence.” John Donne Society Conference, Baton Rouge, Feb.

Mary Ann Wilson. “I Have Determined Not to Be a Mere Domestic Slave: Keeping House with the Beecher Sisters and Cheryl Mendelson’s Home Comforts.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Atlanta, Nov.

Yung-Hsing Wu. “Closely, Consciously Reading Feminism.” South Central Modern Language Association Conference, New Orleans, Oct.
---. “A Feminist Closeness of Reading.” Reception Studies Society Conference, Milwaukee, Sept.

Other Presentations


Campus: Jennifer Geer. “Nostalgia for All Ages in George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind.” UL English Department Symposium,

Campus: Sharon Jackson. “Talking Back to Poetry” workshop. UL Sigma Tau Delta English Week.

Campus: Mary Ann Wilson. “Women’s Studies.” State of the Studies Lecture Series, Center for Louisiana Studies, UL Lafayette. Feb. 7.

National: Halvor Aakhus. Paper presentation. &NOW Festival, University of Colorado at Boulder, Sept.

National: Jennifer C. Vaught. “Twelfth Night and Mardi Gras Krewes in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans and Their Appropriations of Shakespeare, Spenser, and Milton.” Cash Endowed Lecture. McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Feb. 6.

National: Yung-Hsing Wu. Master class talk on the intellectual history of close reading. Rice University, Houston, Sept.

International: John Laudun. “Counting Tales: Towards a Computational Narratology.” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, Aug.

International: Reggie Young. “Blacks and Latinadad: Exchanges in Arts and Culture.” Hacienda Santa Clara, San Miguel de Allenda, Guanajuato, Mexico, June 28.


Campus. Matthew Teutsch. Ernest J. Gaines' use of athletes and sports in his fiction, specifically his incorporation of Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson in his novels The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman and A Lesson before Dying.

Poetry/Fiction Readings

Halvor Aakhus. Café Muse Reading Series, Washington, DC, Dec.
---. Jaded Ibis Authors. Last Minute Bookstore, Los Angeles, Oct.
---. Book Bash. Saint Street Inn, Lafayette, April.
---.Festival of Language. AWP Conference, Dillon’s, Boston, March.
---. KGB, New York City, Jan.

Lisa Graley. Ernest Gaines Center, UL, Nov
–-. The Friends of the Humanities Reception, Feb.

Jerry McGuire. UL Lafayette Writers Bloc, April 12.
---. Performance of poetry by the Beats. Louisiana Festival of Words, Cité des Arts, Lafayette, April 13.
---. SUNY Buffalo, April 16.
---. Buffalo, in support of the Outriders Poetry Project anthology: Poetry in Buffalo 1968-2012, April 17.
---. University of Rhode Island, Providence, April 18.
---. Book Bash. Saint Street Inn, Lafayette, April 23.

Daniel Smith. Featured reader. Hothouse Reading Series, LSU, Baton Rouge, Oct.
---. Hunter Deely Memorial All-City Reading, PXP: Poetry Exchange Project, Tulane University, New Orleans, Nov.

Reggie Young. Featured poet. South Central Modern Language Association Conference, New Orleans, Oct.
---. Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow. Poet Luck Community Reading Series, Eureka Springs, AR, June 12.

Awards and Recognitions


Charles Richard was one of the recipients of the 2104 UL Foundation Distinguished Professor Awards. The award was presented at the Distinguished Professor Banquet on Tuesday, April 1.

Elizabeth Bobo. Recipient of an ATLAS grant.

Conni Castille. LEH Humanities Documentary of the Year T-Gallop: A Louisiana Horse Story. New Orleans Film Festival.
–-. Center for Louisiana Studies Fellow for the term 2014-2019.
---.“Salute to Louisiana Filmmaker Conni Castille.” Featured filmmaker at Ponchartrain Film Festival, Slidell, Nov.

Julie Clement. ULearn Certificates for Online Teacher and for Course Designer.

Keith Dorwick. ULearn Certificates for Online Teacher and for Course Designer.

Jack Ferstel. Named Flora Levy/BoRSF Endowed Professor of English.
---. UL Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.

Lisa Graley. Winner of Gival Press National Poetry Competition for Box of Blue Horses.
---. Honorable Mention. New England Festival of Books. For Box of Blue Horses.

John Greene. Named Dr. Doris Meriwether/BoRSF Endowed Professor of English.

Jessica Jones-Brumfield. ULearn Certificates for Online Teacher and for Course Designer.

Ian Kinsella. Repicient of the inaugural Friends of the Humanities Founders' Award for Teaching and Research in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Sheri Lazare. ULearn Certificates for Online Teacher and for Course Designer.

Jerry McGuire. Named SLEMCO/BoRSF Endowed Professor of Liberal Arts.

Charles Richard. Center for Louisiana Studies Fellow for the term 2014-2019.

Rhonda Robison. Elected to Secretary of the Board of Directors for Festival International de Louisiane.

Denise Rogers. ULearn Certificates for Online Teacher and for Course Designer.

Jennifer C. Vaught. Nominee for the 2013 Katharine Briggs Folklore Award for Carnival and Literature in Early Modern England.

Mary Ann Wilson. Center for Louisiana Studies Fellow for the term 2014-2019.

Reggie Young. Finalist/Honorable Mention for Faulkner-Wisdom Award for “Back/strokes.” New Orleans.
---. Finalist for Crab Orchard Review Award for Poetry (book-length manuscript) for The River Bluesville.

New Outside Grants

John Laudun. Board of Regents ATLAS grant. $38,000.

Charles Richard and Conni Castille. Faculty Development Grant, Guilbeau Charitable Trust. $1250.

Denise Rogers. South Central Writing Centers Association Conference travel grant.


The English Department announced the following awards during the Annual Awards Ceremony that recognizes the exceptional work of our undergraduate and graduate students. The following awards for 2013-2014 were given on May 1, 2014.

Virginia Wilson Cook Award for Excellence in English Education (Senior with highest GPA): Stephanie S. Roberts
Owen Reamer Award for Excellence in English (Senior with highest GPA): Lauren A. Garrett
Dr. Doris Meriwether English Award: 2 recipients: Christina M. Bertrand and Katie L. Lege
Dr. David Thibodaux Memorial Scholarship: Courtney R. Bodin
Judge Felix Voorhies Award for Creative Writing: Corey D. Vaughn
Timothy W. Adams Award for Creative Writing: Jodi Johnson
Dr. James H. Wilson and Paul T. Nolan Creative Writing Award in Drama: 2 recipients: Kelley M. Gillaspy and Billie R. Tadros
Robert & Bernice M. Webb Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching at the Advanced Level: Joel T. Terranova
Robert & Bernice M. Webb Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching at the Entry Level: Jason M. Knight
Robert & Bernice M. Webb Award for Excellence in Technical Writing: Kalyn M. Simon
Ann Dobie Outstanding Freshman Essay Award: Personal Essay Narrative category: Katelyn C. Gauthier
Ann Dobie Outstanding Freshman Essay Award: Research/Analytical Paper category: Quinn C. Acosta
Honorable Mention for Ann Dobie Outstanding Freshman Essay: Rachel Fulmer
Dr. Shelley Anne Martin Award for Best Graduate Seminar Paper in English: 2 recipients: Lucy D. Biederman and Cheyenne Mathew Comer
Florence Sanders Jones English Endowment Scholarship: 2 recipients: Kathrin L. Kottemann and Ryan Farrar
Dr. James and Erika Anderson Scholarship for Medieval Studies: Kevin J. Dwyer
Zonta InternationalMary Dichman English Scholarship: Katie L. Lege
Dean of Community Service Excellence in Service Award: Ceslie O’Brien
Graduate Student Research and Project Showcase Award: Marcus T. Haynes 1st Place

Our congratulations to Ashley Hinson, who is a senior majoring in English and minoring in journalism. Ms Hinson was recognized for her outstanding work in the Vermillion. The Southeast Journalism Conference’s 2013 Best of the South Competition recognized her as "Best Arts and Entertainment Writer." The SEJC has forty member schools in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The awards were announced during the conference’s annual convention at the Lafayette Hilton the weekend of February 22 and 23.

Change of Leadership

During this semester, Dr. James McDonald announced that he was stepping down from his role as our Department Chairman. Jim has served as chairman since the summer of 2008. Before taking on the position, he served as Assistant Chair for six years. To commemorate the occasion and thank Jim for his years of dedicated service, Dr. Dayana Stetco graciously opened her home to faculty and staff on the evening of May 10. The event gave those of us in the department a chance to recall how Jim's support and guidance helped the department to grow. Testimonials, accolades and heartfelt wishes combined with laughter and good food to make the end of the semester a joyful time. Thanks, Jim, for your faith in us.

Dr. Dayana Stetco, who has been serving as Assistant Chair during this academic year, will be our new Department Head. Dr Shelly Ingram has accepted the role of second-in-command. We look forward to working under their leadership


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