As 2012 approaches, we mark yet another round of apocalyptic predictions. And considering the religious, technological, environmental, and political scares of the past as well as the ones surely headed our way in the future, we must admit that this fascination with "The End" is no passing fad. So we'd like to know more about it. In fact, we'd really like to see your take on "The End" of things, particularly what happens after "The End." In other words, we're looking for creative pieces that look at a moment of irrevocable change and its consequences. Officially known as the Phoenx Edition, the 2012 issue of The Southwestern Review will be based around the theme of postapocalyptic regrowth or regeneration. And you can make it as funny or as poignant as you'd like.

Short Fiction: You may submit up to two stories, but the total length of your submission should not exceed ten double-spaced pages. Send your fiction submissions in one attachment (.doc or .docx) to our e-mail

Poetry: Submit up to 5 poems in one attachment (.doc or .docx) to our e-mail address:

Art: Submit your artwork in JPEG format to our e-mail address: