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Graduate Studies: Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the English Department!
We've compiled the following list of frequently asked questions in the hopes that they will make your transition to the English department easier. If there is anything we've forgotten, or anything else you want to know, feel free to post your question to the Wiselist, the graduate student list-serv. For convenience, we've organized the questions as follows:
General Questions about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette:
How do I schedule classes?
You can schedule classes online with the University ULink system. Before you can register, you'll need to be advised. If you are an MA student, you'll need to contact the graduate coordinator. If you are a Ph.D. student, you need to talk to your major advisor or the graduate coordinator. You'll also need your UCS username and password, which you can get from the help desk in Stephens Hall. Complete class schedules are also available online. To learn more about registering for classes, click here.
How long can I check out books from the university library?
At present, graduate students can check books out of Dupre Library for a full semester. To check out books between semesters, you must obtain an interim renewal form from Dupre Library's circulation desk and have an English department faculty member sign it.
What kinds of on-housing are available to graduate students?
On-campus housing for graduate students is available in the conference center and in the Legacy Park student apartments. Family housing is also available for married students and for students with children. Before signing up for on-campus housing, however, we strongly suggest that you post to the Wiselist and ask the advice of other graduate students who have lived on-campus.
How do I get a university e-mail address?
University e-mail addresses are available from the help desk in Stephens hall. Once activated, you can access your university e-mail account online through open webmail. You'll also need your UCS login and password to access a number of online services, including student elections and Ulink.
Can I receive mail on-campus?
Graduate students can rent post-office boxes for $25.00 a year from the university post-office. For more information about the post-office, click here.
Where do I park my car?
Graduate students with teaching assistantships are eligible for on-campus parking. Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis through the parking and transit office, which is located on the first floor of Olivier Hall. Graduate teaching assistant permits go on sale on August 19, 2004. For more information about parking on-campus, click here.
How do I get my student ID card?
Student ID cards ("Cajun Cards") are available through the Cajun Card office located in the Student Union, room 130. The Cajun Card office is open from 7:45am to 4:30pm on weekdays.
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General Questions about Lafayette, Louisiana:
Do you have any suggestions about finding an apartment in Lafayette?
Lafayette Louisiana and the outlying towns have a large variety of apartments for rent. General information about what is available can be obtained by doing a google search for Lafayette, Louisiana apartments. You might also want to check out the classified ads in the local Lafayette papers:
If you would like specific advice on apartments, feel free to post a question on the graduate student list-serv, the Wiselist. There are plenty of current graduate students who would be glad to spend a few hours driving you around Lafayette in search of an apartment.
What is there to do in Lafayette?
There are plenty of things to do in Lafayette Louisiana. The heart of Cajun culture, the city and the outlying towns feature a variety of festivals, music, art and attractions. Lafayette also hosts its own Mardi Gras celebration!
What is there to eat in Lafayette?
The Acadiana area is famous for its food. Lafayette and the surrounding towns feature a number of Cajun restaurants. For a taste of what is out there, follow these links:
Are there any local recreation spots you would recommend?
Lafayette, Louisiana and the surrounding towns offer a variety recreational opportunities. From hiking and camping to swamp tours, the following links provide a good introduction:
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General Questions about the English Department:
Where is the English department located?
The English department is located on the first three floors of Griffin Hall, which stands on the corner of Rex Street and Lewis street.
Where is the department office located?
The English department office is located in Griffin Hall, room 221.
Do I have a mailbox in the English department?
All graduate students are assigned a mailbox in the English department's office. Mailboxes for graduate students with teaching assistantships or fellowships are located between the doors of the office. Mailboxes for all other graduate students can be found against the far wall of the office. We encourage you to check your departmental mailbox often, as important announcements and notices are distributed through the mailboxes.
Where can I find more information on department sponsored events?
A complete calendar of department events is available through the English department's web page. Announcements of events are also often posted on the whiteboard in the English office.
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General Questions for New Graduate Teaching Assistants of Fellows:
How do I ensure that (1) I get paid, and (2) that I am not bumped from the classes I register for?
At the beginning of each semester you must register your assistantship with Gerald LeBlanc in Business Services. His office is located in Martin Hall, room 168. If you get lost in the business services office, don't hesitate to ask for directions.
Where can I find copies of syllabi for the classes I'm teaching?
The English department archives syllabi for each class taught. These are stored in the English office (HLG 221) and are available upon request. Ask Kathy Wheelan, Felicia Brown, or any of the student workers for help.
Where can I get instructor's copies of the texts for the classes I'm teaching?
In most cases you can get instructor's copies for the texts you use in your class from Felicia Brown, the administrative secretary. For novels and other non-standardized texts, you should contact the publisher directly.
What is the department policy on photocopies?
Teaching assistants are allocated a certain number of photocopies for each class they teach. Any copies above that amount cost $0.04 a page. Outstanding copies charges must be paid at the end of each month to Felicia Brown. A photocopier is located in the English office.
What other resources are available to me as a teacher?
In addition to the director of freshman composition, and the professors and the other graduate students in the department, the following resources are available:writing center is available stocks many editions of current and older texts.
  • The Writing Center provides tutoring for students and has an extensive collection of handbooks, anthologies and writing textbooks.
  • The Humanities Resource Center has an extensive collection of videos and texts related to the humanities.
  • The English department also has an extensive video collection, which is stored in the departmental office, HLG 221. Televisions with VCR and DVD players are also available for teachers.
  • Dupre Library offers library tours for university classes.
  • Online grade reporting is facilitated through the University ULink system for online grade reporting.
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The Wiselist :
What is the Wiselist?
The Wiselist is the backbone of the English department's graduate student community. The graduate student list-serve, it is used to post announcements about upcoming events, to discuss political issues, to brag about accomplishments, and sometimes just to goof off. The secret of the Wiselist is to be serious, but to have fun doing so!
How do I subscribe to the Wiselist?
To subscribe to the wiselist, send an e-mail to majordomo@louisiana.edu with a blank subject line and the phrase "subscribe wiselist" on the first line of the body of the e-mail. Please use your @louisiana address to subscribe, as addresses at other providers often bounce. If you would like to keep your old e-mail address, you can configure your @louisiana account to forward everything it receives to that address. For more information on how to do this, click here.
How do I unsubscribe from the Wiselist?
To unsubscribe from the wiselist, send an e-mail to majordomo@louisiana.edu with a blank subject line and the phrase "unsubscribe wiselist" on the first line of the body of the e-mail.
Are there any guidelines to posting on the Wiselist?
Aside from a restriction on the size of individual posts, there are no set rules for what may or may not be sent to the Wiselist. That said, you should always remember that the Wiselist is a public forum and that although it is specifically designated for graduate students, some faculty members have access to it. Also, you should be aware that not everybody on the Wiselist has the same network resources. While an HTML post with images may load fine on a fast computer with a broadband connection, the same post may take minutes to load on a slower computer with a modem. As a result, you should post to the Wiselist in plain text and use links to display web content whenever possible. For an excellent overview of the dos and don'ts of communicating with email, we strongly recommend that you review the Yale University Library Email Etiquette Page.
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