The Forgettables

By Daniel Lassell

You will find them perched on church railings,
in folding chairs at auto repair shops,
and at gas stations with a Coke in hand.
They will come with tearful eyes pulling skirts.
They will drift through grocery aisles
and sit with legs kicked, reading the comics in papers.

You will find a grandmother at a restaurant
on Christmas day. She will go unnoticed
until her family opens presents. Grandma, your turn!
You will find a newborn baby
in a shopping cart. In a parking lot corral.
You will find a frantic husband wandering spaces.

You will find a small boy at a museum
beneath mammoth tusks, hands cupped to his chin.
His gaze will be fixed on the entrance,
where he knows his parents will return
through those revolving doors.

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